Migrate to Keptab

This tools help you migrate data from OneTab to Keptab.

  • Go to OneTab's import/export page and get the export content.
  • Paste the OneTab export content to the blank textarea.
  • Click Migrate button and wait a moment to download file automatic.
  • Go to Keptab Options page and import the download file.

Convert Keptab Exporting Data

Keptab's exporting and importing data format used rich JSON representation. It's better to exchange data but not simplicity and compactness enough for daily use like copy and paste as text. Here is the tool to convert Keptab's exporting data to the text, that is easy to copy and paste to anywhere.

  • Go to Keptab Options page and export the data.
  • Open the JSON file exproted by Keptab and paste them into the blank textarea.
  • Click Copy to Clipboard button to copy the data to anywhere you want.