Those frequently asked questions provides answers to basic questions about Keptab. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

Q: What is Keptab?

Keptab is a powerful tabs manager for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. It convert all your tabs with one click to a simple list. Keptab will give you more power with your browser tabs.

Get more information in Keptab Blog.

Q: How to Migrate Date to Keptab?

Keptab supported OneTab migrate data to Keptab. You can use Migrate to Keptab page to finish this.

Q: How to Install Keptab?

Jsut open Keptab Website and click the button on page right top, goto the store/add-ons of your browser and install it. You can click button below and follow the link to the browser extension installation.

Please note that you need to "pin" the Keptab icon to your browser toolbar, so it is not hidden within the extensions icon.

Q: Open Keptab with Blank Page

This situation is caused by the use of IndexedDB behind Keptab to lose data. Although Chrome claims that IndexedDB will not be lost as a transactional database, in actual use, there are still frequent instances of data loss, especially when cleaning browser cache, which can easily cause plugin data loss.

After Keptab V1.0, we added recover data mode in Keptab Options, you can goto Keptab Options page to recover your data and then re-import Keptab.

More details about data recovery, please goto Backup Data

Q: Restarting Keptab

If Keptab appears to be stuck, you can restart it by toggling it off and back on again. Please be careful not to click "Remove", as this will clear all your Keptab data.

Q: Download and Install from ZIP Package

Just open Keptab Changelog and locate the latest version, please choose your browser version and download the ZIP package file.

To install a zip file extension to the Chrome browser, you must first enable Developer Mode for extensions. To activate and install a zip file add-on, Type chrome://extensions on the address bar and hit enter > Enable the toggle for Developer tool > Tap on Load unpacked and select the zip file.

More details about installing ZIP package, please goto Installations