Data Import and Export

This page outlines the procedures for importing and exporting Keptab data into and out of Keptab and provides details about the various formats that can be imported and exported.


Keptab allows for the import of all the tabs group(tabs list) you exported before. You can do this:

  • Goto Keptab Options and click the Slected File...
  • Slected the JSON file you exported before.
  • Click Import Data and wait a moment.


Keptab allows for the export of all current tabs group(tabs list). You can do this:

  • click Export Data in the Keptab page right top.
  • Goto Keptab Options and click the Export Data

All current tabs group(tabs list) exported as JSON file, it's JSON schema as follow:

// typescript types
    _id: number,
    title: string,
    tabs: Array<{
        url: string,
        title: string,
        favIconUrl: string,
        pinned: boolean,
        muted: boolean
    tags: Array<string>,
    time: number,
    lock: boolean,
    star: boolean

Convert Keptab Exporting Data

Keptab's exporting and importing data format used rich JSON representation. It's better to exchange data but not simplicity and compactness enough for daily use like copy and paste as text. The text format listed as follow: | Keptab | Docs - Keptab | Keptab - Chrome Web Store

Here is the tool "Convert Keptab Exporting Data" to convert Keptab's exporting data to the text, that is easy to copy and paste to anywhere.

Why Keptab chosen JSON Format for Data Exchanging

Compared to plain text format, JSON format is more perfect for exporting and importing data. The data importing and exporting is using by the program, not for human reading.