Introducing Project Keptab

Posted at 2020-06-28

Posted by mywaiting

Recently, we launched a brand new side project named Keptab. Project Keptab is a useful browser extension that closes all your open tabs with a single click and saves them as a simple list. From there, you can save that list as a web page, share them with your friends, or restore all of them

Keptab Screenshot

It kept your tabs as tabs group and read them later. Project Keptab is a browser tabs manager in style of OneTab or Toby, but developer-centric and more powerful. It is designed to lightweight yet featureful.

Why we started this?

OneTab Screenshot

We're crazy OneTab users and use it everyday. But it has some big problems. What we can do is giving up. Here was a list

  • Slow, OneTab is slow with thousands of tabs group.
  • Tracking, OneTab is using Google Analytics in browser extension, which worrying tabs data privacy
  • Favicons, OneTab on bootstrap requested lots of favicons via Google Proxy
  • Lost Data, Lost data in OneTab was common and unbearable.
  • No Search, without search for filter collections.

We had more than 2000+ tabs before OneTab data loss incident, when the chrome crashed, they gone and never come back.

We love OneTab so much. So we launched a brand new another OneTab.

How We Do This?

We make lots of changes with current tabs manager's infrastruture.

Refuse Data Loss with IndexedDB

The big problem for OneTab with data loss incident is using Localstorage as data storage. As a research for browser's localstorage data READ/WRITE, the localstorage is easy to make data loss incident when browser gone crash. After lots of comparisons, we choose IndexedDB to save our tabs data. In our benchmark test, IndexedDB would save more than over 100,000+ items and never lost data when browser gone crash.

Fastest ReactDOM Alternative

As a simple and developer-centric browser tabs manager, we don't need lots of view engine codes to render the page. Honestly, using React or VUE to render more 100,000+ items in single page is really a bad choice. But we have no choice with rendering so much items.

We have a research for React's alternatives, such as Preact and so on. Finally, we find a really simple ReactDOM codes to finish this. It's simple but really fast enough to do this.

Instance Search with Magic!

We had more than 2000+ tabs as a list, find something is a common requets. Frankly, these are no tabs managers for search accord with the demands of us. We need fast, instance, and really powerful search engine to get everthing, tab's title/url/path and so on. So, we build a new instance search with magic.

Project Keptab

Project Keptab is a smart tabs manager for you. We named this just as kept tabs, which means you can keep tabs anywhere anytime and anyhow.

Just click links as follow to goto your browser apps/addons store, and click Install Keptab button to install.

Wish that you will love Keptab.