Changelog for Keptab


The changelog about Keptab browser extensions.

Bug Fixed, Version: 0.4, Release: 2021/06/28

Platform Version Release Download
Chrome v0.4 2021/06/28 keptab-chrome-webstore-v0.4-r20210628
Microsoft Edge v0.4 2021/06/28 keptab-microsoft-edge-addons-v0.4-r20210628
Opera v0.4 2021/07/05

The version v0.4 is bug fixed, with fixed as follow:

  • Fixed: open Keptab index with empty tabs that will lead to chrome crash
  • Fixed: rewrite store all tabs in all windows methods that will lead to chrome crash
  • Fixed: sometimes save with 0 Tabs, it will never happen
  • Fixed: with chrome.contextMenus.ACTION_MENU_TOP_LEVEL_LIMIT , rewrite the contextMenus

The version v0.4 add new feature as follow:

  • Feature: add Export and Options button to Keptab index page

New Release as Opera Addons

The version v0.4 is first release at Opera Addons

If you used Yandex Browser, please go to Opera Addons Catalog to add Keptab. You known, Yandex Browser only supports extensions from the Opera add-ons catalog.

Dark Mode! Version: 0.3, Release: 2021/04/18

Platform Version Release Download
Chrome v0.3 2021/04/18 keptab-chrome-webstore-v0.3-r20210418
Microsoft Edge v0.3 2021/05/25 keptab-microsoft-edge-addons-v0.3-r20210525

The version v0.3 added dark mode, you can let keptab follow the browser’s color schema or just make it as dark/light mode.

New Release as Microsoft Edge Addons

The version v0.3 is first release at Microsoft Edge Addons at 2021/05/25.

Bug Fixed, Version: 0.2, Release: 2020/09/13

Platform Version Release Download
Chrome v0.2 2020/09/13 keptab-chrome-webstore-v0.2-r20200913

The version v0.2 is bug fixed, with fixed as follow

  • Fixed: Keptab Options startupLaunch does not work.
  • Fixed: Keptab ContextMenus send left/right/both side tabs does not work.

Initial Release! Version: 0.1, Release: 2020/08/23

Platform Version Release Download
Chrome v0.1 2020/08/23 keptab-chrome-webstore-v0.1-r20200823

The version v0.1 is first release version and released at 2020/08/23. Project Keptab is a smart tabs manager for you. We named this just as kept tabs, which means you can keep tabs anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

You can get an introduction from the blog post Introducing Project Keptab. Project Keptab has instance search with magic, that is really fast and really powerful search!

First initial release is chrome version and you can download at Chrome Webstore.

keptab screenshot v0.1 chrome