Keptab Applications

This page listed all keptab applications, some browser extensions even included self unzip package for the people can not access. Please feel free to download these.

If you have any questions, feel free to feedback, we will get in touch with you later.

Keptab for Chrome

Version: 0.2, Release: 2020/09/13


  • Fixed: Keptab Options startupLaunch does not work.
  • Fixed: Keptab ContextMenus send left/right/both side tabs does not work.

If you install self unzip package with Chrome, you will always get the warning in Chrome browser every time with you open it.

We recommand you to install Chrome Webstore version.

Keptab for Microsoft Edge

Updated: Ready to release at Microsoft Edge Addons

Keptab for Mozilla Firefox

Updated: Ready to release at Firefox Addons

Keptab for Safari

Keptab for Opera

Contact for Security researchers

If you find any issues with Keptab Apps or our service, or have any questions about our implementation of security features, kindly contact us at [email protected].